heinrich van den berg

I don’t want to call myself a professional wildlife photographer, because the term has expired. I don’t want to call myself a publisher, because I am a professional wildlife photographer. I don’t only want to be a photo trainer, or an app developer or a writer. I want to call myself an artist, but what qualifies one as an artist? I don't believe I am an artist yet, but one day perhaps I will be able to create something of which I am proud enough. In the meantime I just want to enjoy what I do.





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I have been a full-time wildlife photographer since 1998. I have won a few awards, but they do not mean anything. I do wildlife photography because I love everything about it. I live for it, and am very fortunate to live from it.



In 2001 I started HPH Publishing, a small publishing company specialising in large-format photographic coffee-table books. I started it as a way of displaying my own photographs in the way I want to display them. I love printed images, and books, for me, are the ultimate medium for displaying photography. I have published more than 30 books.





I take avid wildlife photographers on photographic safaris to destinations that are excellent for photography, like Mashatu and the Okavango in Botswana, Masai Mara in Kenya, Kapama in South Africa and many more. I present specialised workshops, focusing on advanced black-and-white photography.



I cannot call myself a writer. But I would like to. Very few things are as fulfilling as sharing thoughts.